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Similar to ordering the sampler platter at a restaurant, you’ll enjoy a couple different dances while getting a feel for the Arthur Murray system of teaching. The introductory program also gives your instructor a chance to evaluate your learning style so they can make a professional recommendation for a continuing dance program. Everyone comes to the studio with a different goal in mind and our instructors customize their program recommendations specifically to meet your needs. 

Whether you want to learn to social dance at clubs or weddings, have a desire to be competitive like on Dancing With The Stars, or you just want to try a fun, new hobby, we can help you achieve those goals!

Learning to dance does not have to be scary, intimidating, or cause for anxiety — our goal with your learning is to keep it simple, easy, and fun! The hardest part is just deciding to call and get started. If you’re on the fence about dance lessons, think you have two left feet, or are unsure whether you can do it, take the chance to invest in yourself and give it a try. After all, you might have fun, discover a new ability, meet new people, and start the first day of a life-long hobby

The best part about learning to dance is that the skill is yours to keep forever. Unlike most things we add to our lives, the investment you make in yourself with dance never goes away. In addition to this, dancing has countless benefits that may surprise you! 

To hear how dance has positively impacted some of our current students, check out what they have to say here on their testimonial page.

Ready to give dancing a try? Fill out the form below or call us at our Bellevue Studio (425.747.6611) and we will get you scheduled at a time that is convenient for you! [/text_output][text_output]

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